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A dream itself is but a shadow

 “How like a dream is this I see and hear! Love, lend me patience to forbear awhile”

– Two gentlemen of Verona

First post! I’m going to talk about dreams and how I see them and why I’ve chosen to blog them.
I’ve had this weird nagging feeling for the past two weeks to start documenting my dreams online.  It feels important and I can’t really figure out why. I’ve been trying to avoid it but each time I tried to write about something else I would stall half way through, like I had some sort of block or something.

I don’t like sharing my dreams 

My dreams, much like my thoughts, are mine and I’m protective of them. I share what I want to and hold the rest close to my heart. Why I don’t like sharing my dreams I don’t know. I guess it’s a snap shot of my inner world at times and a glimpse into my subconscious. That’s a little too far out of my comfort zone for me even if I am semi-anonymous.
I often wish I had the ability to paint what I see or at the very least, stop criticising what little artistic ability I have long enough for me to have the confidence to paint them
My dreams are detailed, vivid, and I remember them. 


I remember what I thought, how I felt, what I said and why I said it. I know if I’ve dreamt about a particular scene before and when. I know if things recur in my dreams. I often change the scene if I don’t like what I am dreaming about. My rational mind never shuts off so I’m always thinking and aware. It also means I have a lot of what the fuck moments when I’m sleeping.
Most of the time, they are just my thoughts and feelings. Other times they feel different. I was taught from the age of eight to document my dreams and to puzzle out what each symbol meant to me. I don’t use dream dictionaries because certain things mean something specific to me. I’ll interpret my dreams as best as I can and you can follow along. It might get you thinking about what you see in your dreams and why you see them.
I was raised in a culture that was spiritual with a belief system much like Ryukyuan: the honouring of ancestors. Ancestors as guides too. As soon as we hit a certain age, it’s tradition to be fostered, and often we are homeschooled though not always the case, and the spirituality of our culture is taught, along with the history.

They believe in precognition, and they believe that dreams are not just reflections of your subconscious mind, but a realm accessed by all who want to learn about it. Within that realm sit all sorts of weirdly wonderful entities. I’m not terribly interested in that but I guess I can write about it if you want.


They also believe that within that realm sit those we are yet to cross paths with. I guess you could say they believe in a universal consciousness…only that doesnt sit well with me and doesn’t really explain what they believe in. They don’t believe in an all seeing all knowing force in the patriarchal / matriarchal sense. Maybe I could describe it as a power that fuels all things which are connected yet not.

I guess we are given a heads up providing you know what to look for. They have the belief that we are all connected and those meant for you, those with the greatest of lessons for you to learn, find their way to you.
I believe that dreams are a visual journey through our subconscious. I’ll always be a little skeptical when it comes to precognition and dreams despite the teachings my elders gave me.
I do not believe I am psychic, in fact, I hate the term as most I have met are money grabbing attention whores or hacks.
I believe that everyone is intuitive and dreams are often misunderstood.

Why I’m blogging about dreams

A few years ago I blogged about dreams I was having. They were insistent, they were vivid and detailed as they always are, and they were about someone that I had a feeling was coming into my life. I saw snap shots, flashes of things, and none of it made sense. It was like a giant jigsaw puzzle that I enjoyed figuring out.

As it turns out I forgot about the series I wrote. Roughly six months later someone I had recently met found and then scrolled  through the blog. He  nearly fell off his chair. His birthdate was there, a description of him,  a description of the place he loved to hang out, the age he was when we met, the country he was originally from. There were snippets of random things past and present that related to him in case he had his doubts.

I see things in my dreams and sometimes they happen to be true.  I don’t know why and to be honest I don’t care why. I don’t doubt it despite having a complete lack of observable measurable evidence to prove this happens.
So! despite being a Nihilist whose approach to life conflicts with everything I was taught…because who wants to make things easier for themselves right? Where is the fun in that?…I’m going to trust in the feeling I am having and put the dreams I am dreaming out there. And you know what? It’s actually a good place to stick it because then I can see progress and if anything actually happens you’ll all be the first to know.
Last time it felt important, so I blogged about it and that person appeared.
This time round it feels important again…and I feel that person is coming.
I assume I’m about to have some sort of emotional growth spurt. I have the same feeling I had last time that I’ll be in a very different place to where I am now. I mean…duh…that happens…I just feel that THIS is a moment I’ll look back on and feel good about.
I also try not to put too much energy towards dreams because then you forget to be present. I look at it as a fun puzzle to figure out, but life keeps going outside of dreams. That is where my focus will always be. The outside bit not the inside bit.
All of my dreams connect in some way. Often  without conscious thought I will revisit where a previous dream ended months later and add another layer to that dream.

So that’s why I have always documented them.
I can control my dreams. Really…any one can learn. Seriously. It’s not a special ability it just takes practice.  I’m not the best teacher though so I’ll do my best to explain what I do, as I’m interpreting a dream, and hopefully that helps?

If you have any questions drop me a line and I’ll do my best to answer them in a blog.
Feel free to have a crack at interpreting my dreams or sharing yours with me.


Title Quote: Hamlet. Act II. Scene II.


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