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Are You There God? It’s me, Charlie. 

Thanks God, thanks an awful lot 

– Margaret 

So I’m not great with writing out my dreams. To be honest if I had to write them out the way I write them in my blog I wouldn’t bother doing it.
I usually have a dream journal. It went missing as of yesterday and I suspect my most junior has pinched it and stuffed it in a bag somewhere.
I mind map everything first in this order:

  • The scene / setting
  • Anything I’ve thought said or felt
  • Distinctive events which occurred that I remember
  • The vibe of the scene
  • The people in the scene: what they were doing, what they said, what I felt when I looked at them, who they looked like
  • My impressions just straight off the top of my head
  • Any lessons I felt in my dream state that I needed to learn from this (optional)

I’ve found that because I’m used to doing it in this order I recall things in this order out of habit.

Questions to ask after you mind map  (they could be important): 

  • Whose perspective am I viewing the dream from and why?
  • Am I actively participating or am I an observer?
  • Am I dreaming in colour or black and white? Is the dream light or dark? Why? What does that mean to me? Eg: Black and white I associate with the past. So it’s past tense or a situation popping up that I had assumed I moved on from. I also associate it with old Hollywood films which means drama, and from my past

Below is an example of one of my scribbles.
This was a dream I had last night with three different scene changes and it’s a few pages long. I just keep writing until I feel I’m done.
Have a play with it. Keep going over your notes. You’d be surprised with what comes out of you, and what those symbols mean for you.

When it comes to puzzling out an interpretation I do a separate mind map. I don’t often have the time to do it on the spot so I do it whenever I have time. I’ve usually given myself enough info to recreate the dream in my mind and I can figure things out just looking at the symbols I wrote down.
The point of Journalling is to use the previous dreams as a reference. Well that’s how I go about it. This way you build your own dream dictionary unique to you. I draw from different sources. I combine what I find with definitions for symbols I have created during my time of Journalling and documenting my dreams. Most of it is in my head now. Tarot can be one if you’re into that. Meanings of colour, animals, objects are a good place to start and then I think about how it relates to me. Take what resonates and discard the rest. Hell even the bible can be a resource. Childhood stories and views on certain objects. Mythology I guess. Cultural stories. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to go about it because it’s your own damn head and your own unique perspective.

An example of this would be a man I blog about nicknamed the Dominus. He was part of a period of my life where I was still figuring myself out at a time when I was dealing with a major emotional upheaval. In someways I associate him with the chaos that comes with major change and in others I associate him with the end of unhealthy relationships or unhealthy relationships in general. I also associate him with never feeling truly heard or seen. Which one it is depends on what is playing out.
We are stories constructed by other stories, both the mundane and the great. I don’t think that dream states and dream symbols are really any different.
The beauty of Journalling is that is your world. Build it and understand it the way you want to.

Book Title: Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.


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