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A game of spiders and shadows 

It is my business to know what other people don’t know

– Sherlock Holmes

I had a dream this morning that I was blogging about the dream I’m going to do now and It had this title. I figured it might’ve been a sign. Yesterday I found my dream journal stuffed in my most juniors’ backpack so now I’m good to go. I had this dream awhile ago.


The dream: 

I was back in the neighbourhood I grew up in trying to find my way home. I wasn’t a child navigating this but myself as I  am now.  The path was full of spiderwebs with huge black spiders in them. As dream symbols go for me, spiders are both my favourite and my least favourite. Favourite because they signal something is coming that I am going to be prepared for. Least favourite because I have to comb through the situation and consider things and people who are key players that I have overlooked. They’re good in the sense that I’m given a heads up, but it’s annoying that I now have to plan my next move. If the spider is moving this will tell me how quickly the momentum is building. The amount of spiders will show me how significant  whatever I have overlooked is to the situation. Whether or not they are attacking, defending, or watching, shows me how best to approach the situation. If they watch then I watch. If they attack I defend. If I try to attack without thinking things through then there could be problems. How I choose to defend myself in my dreams matters, because it’s how I naturally respond in the waking world.

They don’t particularly mean anything bad, they represent (for me) a persons hidden intentions and agenda. The red flags that are blatantly obvious in the waking world that I tend to miss or wilfully deny them. In the dream state, my subconscious is awake and free. No matter how much I want to pretend otherwise, it will all come out in my dreams and sooner or later it will play out  in real life.

I was dodging the spider webs and fighting only when necessary. There were ten in all, but the spiderwebs were more prominent than the actual spiders. Moving carefully I climbed or crawled to avoid hitting the webs and most of the spiders sat and watched. The odd one scrambled off in another direction. With the corner house on my old block in view I went to crawl under a web and accidentally hit it alerting more than one spider. Two came at me at once. My next thought was a quote “Thought is faster than arrows”.  I created swords and killed two, only seeing the third coming at me right at the last second. Fangs bared it was about to strike and my little black cat appeared and grabbed it, ripping its  head off and devouring it. The other spiders scattered and my cat there watching me impressed with himself.

“Nice work” something said to my left. It’s energy was male and it felt amused. Distracted I looked in its direction seeing apartments from my old block. They each had balconies with small gardens and every single one of the doors and windows were blacked out. The darkness felt like it had its own awareness and it was both calming and ominous. I can only describe it as neutral, yet to pick sides, neither chaotic good or chaotic evil. Whether or not it went one way or the other depended on me and what move I made next. I chose to listen but in the off chance I had to I was prepared to fight. It felt amused again.

“You passed your test. You did well” it continued. I looked back to where the spiders and their webs were and they were  gone. My cat sat there licking his paw unfazed.

“Right I’m out” I thought.

Nothing happened.

“Who are you? Why is your energy in my dream?” It briefly occurred to me that there was a block somewhere and it was coming from those apartments. Irritated I tried to reach out and get close to it but all I could see was the darkness. There was something behind it though so I tuned into that. I saw a brief glimpse of  familiar foothills and I thought of the words “Teacher” and “Lesson”

“See you soon” It said and  it laughed.

I was then kicked out of my own damn dream.

Behind the dream 

I get that spiders can represent fear because quite a lot of people have arachnophobia. For me though I really love them. I find them fascinating. One of my hobbies is studying spiders. I tend to leave certain spiders to roam in my house while others I will capture and take outside. That said, with the exception of a few that people have kept as pets I guess, I don’t see myself ever being able to tame one. It’s still a spider and some are extremely venomous and aggressive where I live so I am cautious and wary.

There are two types of spiders I see in my dreams. Both mean the same thing but one is more significant than the other. The first which was featured in this dream is a funnel web, known for weaving burrows shaped like funnels to ensnare unsuspecting prey. In other words, something or someone that can blindside you if you’re not paying attention. The second is a red back, similar to a black widow, one of our most venomous spiders. These can be aggressive especially when it’s protecting something. Anything bright red in my dreams represents a red flag. It is something  about the situation that I have to find out and I can’t overlook. It’s also a warning to proceed with caution. It calls for me to be rational and logical and not react from a place of emotion.

I’ve noticed  by studying the behaviour of the animal that it’s similar to the behaviour of the person it represents. I relate everyone I know to an animal so if I see one in the dream it indicates who I’ve associated with that animal.

Things that stood out: 

  • My old neighbourhood: Whenever that appears it’s a situation ‘close to home’. Something I am very personally attached to or affected by. The people involved are people I love and care about.
  • Trying to get home: Choices and motivations  I am consciously making and aware of.
  • Dodging the spiderwebs: these tend to be situations I am actively trying to avoid. Usually it’s trying not to get ‘caught’ in drama or conflict or the annoying combination of both of those things.
  • The spiders attacking: A situation changing very quickly to where I’m on the defensive so it popping up can be “Hey try to avoid this where possible” and how I defend myself is usually the answer to heading it off or gaining the upper hand
  • The choice of swords: Swords are associated with the element of air in Tarot and they’re a mental suit. They’re also associated with communication. So the approach is to not react from a place of emotion, but to be logical, rational, and to strategise by thinking ahead. I am wielding the swords which means I need be the one to open the door for communication to occur and throw that opportunity down first if I can manage it. I need to ensure that when I’m dealing with this my intentions, motivations, thoughts and feelings are understood. This is a hint to speak to the person face to face and not via text or email where things can be misinterpreted or misconstrued.
  • Three spiders attacking: Three of anything in my dreams tends to mean that there’s a third party I suspect (when I’m awake) is involved. I need to consider if this is just a projection on my part or if it’s a valid concern. Again, the only way I’ll know that is by communicating.
  • My little black cat: My cat is a hunter, with a no-nonsense attitude. A lot of intuitives think he’s no ordinary cat, but I wouldn’t have a clue about that. I just know that he’s a grumpy little shit but he will take out birds that try to swoop at me or my kids. He’s fearless and protective and fiercely loyal. He often represents me and the way in which I love. Sometimes he appears to remind me that what I want and need is important and I need to step forward and voice it.
  • The blacked out windows: Usually anything shadowy tends to represent the unknown or my own personal shadows depending on the context
  • The amusement of the darkness: This I can’t explain. Honestly I’ve got nothing. The only thing that sort of comes to mind is an aspect of myself that thinks the whole situation is absurd. The idea that we have to suffer in order to grow is equal parts absurd, infuriating, and fascinating. It’s probably why I love Nihilism to be honest.

Honourable Mentions: 

  • The foothills: They were directly related to someone I once cared about
  • The words teacher and lesson: the situation did in fact teach me a lot and still continues to do so. It’s always interesting looking back on a dream now and seeing how it played out. I did take the rational logical approach. I did open the door for communication and I did make sure it wasn’t misinterpreted. We ended communication on a much better note than last time. We both managed to grow from it. I also figured out what I didn’t want. Bonus.


Practice controlling your day dreams.

First: Become aware that it is what it is.

Second: Become aware of everything in the scene.  Observe.

Third: interact with it. Think. Ask questions.

And the most important: do it in a way that fits well and gels with you. No one knows you better than you know you. I am only telling you what I did, the only person who can show you what to do is you. That was the way I was taught and I don’t know any other way.

We build the skill through experience, trial and error, with a bit of belief that it can be done thrown in for good measure.

The thing is…you’re awake so you know you’re just day dreaming. Practice being present and aware and get used to how that feels. It’s that feeling you’ll transfer into your night dreams.

The End


Movie Title: Sherlock Holmes: A game of shadows


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