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Okay so this is weird 

My friend from Malaysia was sending me a bunch of blogs she reads (because she is also drawn to Japan) and random photos of different places in Japan that she loves. She sent them across this morning. 

So this is what she sent me today and these photos stood out. She just pulled a ton of them off random blogs and google. You can find my dream about these places in the blog post “Summer kind of wonderful”. I wrote it four days ago. 

The building from my dream:

To my left beyond the cherry blossom trees is a river and it has a small little red -orange bridge over it. To my right are small apartments…maybe they’re villas. God I can’t really describe it so I’ll go with ‘grey buildings, with shoe box sized balconies that have perfectly manicured hedges in front of them

Further on I mentioned this:

I’m walking down this path by myself staring in wonder at the beauty all around me. I can hear cars rushing by in the distance.


It’s not exactly red-orange but in my dream this bridge and river is exactly what I saw, only there were fish in it that people were feeding them. Also, I’m off about a shitload of things all the damn time. However, this scene is what I saw.


Both in Kyoto.

I don’t know what it means exactly…but I do think I need to go there and I will, soon. 

I will update this when it happens I guess. 

Photos by: Swiss Rock and Ryono.net


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