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The wild hunch 

It ain’t what it used to be but it’ll do

So some of this happened during a nap and some during a daydream but somehow they feel connected. There’s no interpretation.  I’m pretty much just blogging it out for future reference. They came quickly in flashes.

– Underground train station. Bright Red fuse box. I kept focusing on the dark grey bricks for some reason. I was looking up. It felt I was focusing on it to fix it. 

– A school and there’s a three level disabled access ramp. A teacher who dyes her hair brown with blue eyes. She’s curvy and has a fringe. I think of the name Susan.

One of these dogs. The coat was light and dark brown but the white bits are in the right spot.

a lot smaller and younger and doesn’t have as much white on his coat. I’m the perspective of the owner playing fetch with him. The owner is wearing brown shoes and blue jeans. Now I’m looking at it and thinking of a she when it comes to the dog. The owner is definitely male though.

On a random note whenever I have dreamt about a pet they have ALWAYS belonged to, once belonged to or are directly associated with someone who is coming in my life. If anything it’s the only thing I’m confident I am never ever wrong about. Everything else I am 50/50 on but not people’s pets. 

On the bright side when I meet the pets they love me. 

A  white rabbit with grey ears. He looked like this:

And he was posing the same way against a white background.

Watching pine trees grow. One after the other. It seemed important.

Pine trees growing on a mountain side during a snow storm.

A world map where the other countries were painted away by themselves and the only thing left was USA.

An old house. Maybe Victorian I’m not sure. It’s decorated in that style. There’s a lot of antiques and old furniture. The house seems huge and grand and yet warm and inviting.  The walls are green, with dark wood paneling, and far at the end of a hallway is a pine Christmas tree. There’s a boy and a girl around eight and five playing in there. It seems old, as in the scene. It felt like a memory. 83 pops up and I don’t know why.

A pumpkin patch. I felt I was high on a back verandah looking down at maple leaves littering my back yard and to my left in a garden box were pumpkins.

Suddenly I felt dizzy and nauseous. As soon as I stopped looking I felt fine.

So there’s our newest puzzle.

Movie title / quote: The wild bunch (1969)


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