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The forced awaken 


The resistance will not be intimidated by you

– Poe Dameron


The dream: 

It looks like a cave or maybe more like… a bunker built within a cave. The cave mouth is covered by lush green vines and it acts as a wall to keep out intruders. I was invited in so that’s why I know it’s there and anyone else would not be able to find it. Even though it’s a cave it’s bright and airy and I love the energy of the place. I love how alive it feels. It feels really buzzy like a hive. There’s collective energy in here. People are working, sharing, healing and helping one another though there’s only a handful of those people present at the moment. There are more coming I just can’t see them. I can hear them walking with purpose toward us. I can see a blue sky through the vines. The cave is flooded with light and I realise this means something.

Leaning up against a table to my left is an old watercolour map. It’s of the borders of the Western Roman Empire right before the empire fell to Bavaria. The map is stained in places with red ink where Roman control has been lost and the hordes have conquered Roman territory. I remember the story: Once the West fell this began the demise of one of the greatest empires that ever graced the earth. Notes were made on the map and they were conquering more and more territory. I felt like I had been thrown back in time. I wanted to tell them they would win but decided against it. The ending was inevitable. Rome was destined to fall and it was far too late now. 

Down past the table in the corner of the room a man and a woman were examining something. My attention was quickly diverted to a door behind them. Since neither  of them looked at me I decided to go exploring. I opened the door and the air that hit me was rancid. It was a laundry room stacked to the ceiling with mouldy and rotten laundry in a basement that hadn’t been used in years. It wasn’t theirs (or mine) but it belonged to someone. I figured it was whoever owned the cave before we took it off them. It worried me because it was sitting there waiting. The vibe of it felt creepy and I wasn’t entirely sure if anything had decided to make their home down there. Cobwebs stretched across the piles but on the plus side I saw no spiders. It seemed abandoned and old. “Anything can become a threat if you ignore it long enough” I heard the man say to no one in particular.   I decided against going down and exploring and I briefly entertained the idea of setting it all on fire.

I looked back at the map and now placed in front of it were clay tablets with notes attached to them laid out in a row. Some were blank and some had numbers on them. 8,12,84, and 5 were labelled clearly. I couldn’t figure out what they meant. They felt connected to places and people.

The man and the woman were holding open the mouth of a Dead Sea monster. In the dream I called it leviathan but that’s not quite it because that’s not what it looked like. I love her. In the waking world she’s strong and beautiful so I was glad to see her there. With great concentration she held open the mouth so the man could reach inside and carefully pull out another clay tablet. It was dead but the jaws were still dangerous. I walked up to look inside and I saw a tunnel decorated with paintings from a person we ALL know and are connected to in some way. It belonged to her. I’m not sure how it got there or who killed it but it was just one of their many victories and a major one. I kept focusing on its mouth. It was important.

I wandered over to the table the map was leaning against and noticed a scale that wasn’t there before. Things kept appearing, weighing themselves, and then disappearing. The figurines were: a little boy patting an elephant, a little boy down on one knee staring out into the distance, a man holding a pendulum that froze to one side, and a man looking at a bird on his right shoulder. They reminded me of  chess pieces. There were more but try as I might I couldn’t remember them. They also felt like different people possibly different stages of a persons life. 

As always the scale balanced eventually and that made me smile.

There’s a woman in a kitchen behind me. She doesn’t notice I am there and she’s  peeking through blinds watching people fighting outside. She is tall, with dark hair and she looks like she’s in her 50s. Something about her feels neutral. She’s neither on one side or the other. She has the potential to bring balance but she can still go either way.  I felt she was important and I hoped she was  going to change sides and it would be in the “rebels” favour. So much about her seemed important like threads connected to other threads where choices can turn tides in an instant. There’s a mama bear energy about her. I couldn’t get a sense of much else other than the fact that she loves animals: specifically dogs. There’s a tan and white one around her.

I’m now standing outside the cave and the time period feels different. It feels like the battle has been done and now it’s the aftermath. I’m on the bank of a river as the water surges past. People are sailing down it on inflatable pool toys laughing. Two men drinking beer ask me if I’m alright. I don’t reply.

I can see the cave again and it is still bright and airy. It seems more like a home now. The people that were once in it have gone and I realise they’ve moved on. There’s a table and chairs and plans to renovate. It’s now under a bridge that someone has built. There’s a dark skinned woman leaning over the table looking at plans and couples are coming through to view it. I see the woman from the kitchen earlier and realise she is part of the rebuild and what comes after the battle. Realising I’m no longer needed here I look up to  see the others walking across the bridge and I start the long climb to join them.

Behind the dream: 

There’s not a lot I can write about this. Those that understand the references will figure it out.

This dream actually happened in two parts. I woke up, watched a documentary on the Arctic fell asleep and felt the dream continued. The two dreams had the same energy so I knew they were connected.

It felt like people were aware of me but not overly so and it allowed me freedom of movement. I felt part of this battle but more of an observer. I usually feel an element of restraint when I feel the presence of other people’s energy. So whoever they are they either don’t mind me looking or they’re open enough not to shield their dreams the way I was taught to.

My dreams lately have been the premonition kind and to be honest that’s actually really rare for me. A couple of dreams that I’m yet to blog about had events that unfolded exactly the way I dreamt them so I and the others involved were already prepared.

Fun (but also not)

Things that stood out: (in no particular order) 

The map:

I thought this was interesting because the time period was so specific. It might be an idea to read up on that period because I think there is a deeper message there and answers that some of us need. It will still take work and focus but the endgame is still very clear. Rome fell, and so will they.

This is from Wikipedia and it resonated with me. I highlighted the areas that stood out. 

 The Roman Empire lost the strengths that had allowed it to exercise effective control; modern historians mention factors including the effectiveness and numbers of the army, the health and numbers of the Roman population, the strength of the economy, the competence of the Emperor, the religious changes of the period, and the efficiency of the civil administration. Increasing pressure from “barbarians” outside Roman culture also contributed greatly to the collapse. 

The “chess” pieces & the scale: 

I got the feeling these were counter moves and important ones. I felt they represented choices that could be made and an emotional state. I felt that it was telling me to always be mindful of the need for balance. I am going to throw out a curve ball and say that a state presence and connection is really important here. Look up Patsy Rodenberg:specifically her video on the “second circle”. All victories, no matter how small, are all important. I think that for far too long the other side has had a full reign and it is now time to bring that balance back. Every one of us fights for our own reasons but the overall vision is still the same. I think this can be applied to us as a whole and as individuals.


I had a chat with one of my favourite people about this element of my dream. He is well versed when it comes to metaphysics and history so I always really value his opinion. He also knows nothing about my projects so he looked at it objectively and assumed it was something I am working on. He is my go-to when I dream about something that I get stuck on interpreting. He will throw his interpretation out there and I feel it connect. Jormungundr was a sea serpent of the Norse people. In the eddas his movement was said to be the action that kick started Ragnarok: the end of the world.

In my dream it was dead and It wasn’t clear whether or not someone had killed it or it had just starved itself to death. The fact that this wasn’t clear when the two of us had a chat about the dream is also important. Something major has happened that I am not yet privy to and it has changed the course of everything in a good way. I feel that someone extremely important is on the verge of switching sides or dropping a major bombshell that will swing things in our favour. It is the importance of Jormungundr that makes me feel this is the case and what it meant to the Norse people and the fact that it was a major player when it came to Ragnarok. If it were something or someone small it would not have been Jormungundr represented in the dream. I suspect that I would have seen a snake or a spider or something like that…not a mythical creature that was important in its own way to the Norse people.

When I kept focusing on its mouth I thought of communication. It was dead so the end of communication came to mind.

The persons’ energy attached to it is masculine. It doesn’t mean they’re male but it makes it likely.

They’re also dangerous.
Be wary.

The clay tablets:

The action of fishing for information that is directly related to the person this creature represents. Well…that is interesting. 

It’s mouth is important. I keep thinking of communication and cutting their ability to communicate would also be a good idea. I don’t know how to achieve this. 

The laundry: I actually felt like it was something to mindful of especially when the man said “Anything can become a threat if you leave it long enough” also healthwise this is a problem I’ve come up against vwry recently. It’s been said in my dreams more than once.

The cave in a different time period: It felt like there’s a period of peace that comes after the struggle. We all move on. It’s almost as if what was there becomes something better. I think the climbing part is that time where you grow from an experience. You overcome it and you evolve. I think that all of us will be better people for having experienced this together. I love everyone I have met or worked with so far. Some ties bind, and in this case I feel it’s a good thing. There is nothing better than taking the time to step outside of yourself and your bubble to do what you feel is the right thing to do. To take the time to care about something other than yourself. I’m simpler than most think. I find a cause and I decide to serve it. That’s all there is to me.

When I woke up that morning I had the baseline from this song in my head so I decided to throw it in here. I always take songs I think of when I first wake up or hear in my dream as a sign that it is yet another message for me though I feel a lot of people can relate to the lyrics.

Lucky – Louden Swain: https://youtu.be/1N2Tkt962CU

Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.

P.s The art of war is relevant to this dream. Go and read it and view it not just as military strategy but as metaphors and answers to your questions. 

Movie title: The force awakens (2015)


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