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While you weren’t sleeping 

A dream about two people yet to meet combined with a reading.

I saw a little baby the other day and he was the cutest little bub I had ever seen. The strangest thing happened that night as he popped up in a dream. I looked at him and thought “Hey he looks just like Sams* son” only that particular friend doesn’t have a son. Not yet anyway. I suspect though that at some point he has wished for one. He has probably dreamt of him too. Maybe you should keep hanging onto that dream.

Am I right? I’m sure I’m right.

I felt so sure that he would have one for some odd reason and when I get this excited bubbly feeling it usually happens. So I tell the person involved and if they know they know me well and want to trust in what I say…it usually happens with a few pleasant surprises thrown in for good measure.

More on that later.

This little baby had his features and an angular jaw. He had huge deep brown eyes and jet black hair with a little cowlick. The words I got were “jovial gent” and “happy.” He reminded me of a little human-Labrador hybrid. The type that runs around knocking stuff over and wants cuddles 24/7. I tried to tune into the mothers’ energy. The first thing I felt was the word “high-energy” and then “happy” and I felt warmth. It reminded me of a sunset in Hawaii for some reason. I felt like she was the type that can connect with people easily. It’s genuine and sincere. She can find something in common with everyone she meets. A person with a wide range of interests. I couldn’t get much else but I felt that she meets everything he has asked for. I feel as if connecting with his family is a huge deal to him. I feel confident she can not only do that but they will love her. She is just the kind of person that people can’t help but love and be drawn to. I feel she’s a builder type. She builds things and so does he and I feel that the foundation of what they have is that they build things together (emphasis on that) and it’s grounded in love.  She is focused and makes things happen. She is a visionary with an emotive creative spirit. She understands something he doesn’t yet: she’s not afraid to show love to someone she cares for, even when there’s the risk that it won’t be returned, because she knows that great love always comes back to you in one way or another.

They’re dancing and lady gagas song “Million reasons” is playing in the background. I’m looking at him from her perspective. Beloved is the word I feel when I look at him. I feel they’re together because of a friend and it’s a  female. “I want to dance with you in all of your favorite places.” I hear it and it’s from her. He doesn’t want to let her go and he won’t.

And I feel the need to say this even though it doesn’t apply now but it will “Make the conscious choice to choose her. Everyday. Choose her. Because that’s important and that, when times get hard, is the thing that you are looking for to keep going. Treat her like someone you have earned not as someone you own. She would rather spent a thousand days by your side just as your friend than spend one day without you. One day, soon, it’ll be goodnight and not goodbye”

Fast forward to him sitting in a brown distressed leather chair by a fireplace. He’s wearing a black suit and no tie. In his lap is a dog he doesn’t own (yet) and it’s a little unkempt. He’s saying “At least you listen to me” and it’s light hearted his tone is amused. He looks content and happy. The dog hops off, wees on the carpet and trots off. It turns to look at me. If dogs could smile it probably would have. He’s watching the dog trot around the corner and the scene focuses to a painting above his head. It’s of the circle in the middle of the Korean flag based on the yin-yang symbol and as I focused I got quite a lot from it.

It’s their house I’m standing in and the symbol is them. Balance which is what they both need. They balance each other out. One is more heart than head and the other is more head than heart but together it equalizes somehow. They both bring something to the table that when it’s blended everything balances out. Growth. Movement. Emphasis on movement in all aspects of their lives. Things just “happen” when they’re together. I feel they’re both very powerful manifestors. It’s not so much that they complete each other, they balance each other. There’s a difference.

Earth and sky. He’s an earth sign and I keep feeling she’s an air sign or at the very least she has air in her chart. Yet there’s something very grounded about her. I feel it also relates to the physical and dreams. Each of them has traits that represent two very different sides of things that meet in the middle and work well together.

I decided to throw some cards but didn’t bother to take a photo of them. It just confirmed what I was looking at in my dream anyway minus all of these details. Back when I used to read tarot I used to utilize my dreams as part of the reading. It meant they had a longer wait but the readings were more powerful. Dreams are what I know. There’s better readers than me but I  have faith in what I see in my dreams. When I put out the intention to dream for someone else it’s always honored and I get a lot I can pass on. There’s been more times than I can count where what I saw came to pass and more often than not it’s even better. I read by donation and one time everything played out for a client so well that they came back a year later and dumped $400 in my account. I’m still really happy that things turned out well for them.

I read something about joint manifestation and I think this is what happens. I have absolute faith that people I dream for will have good things come their way. I tell them and they read and re-read it. Sometimes they share it with others who then add their energy and their love for that person to my dream.

The dream ended with him looking up at me and smiling and me thankful we had crossed paths.

Title / movie: While you were sleeping

*Name changed.


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