About Me 

Since I was about eight or so I’ve been a lucid dreamer. We call it dream walking (when you dream and interpret them) or dream weaving  (when you do that and also control your dreams). I learned it from Elders within my culture so bare in mind my process will be different from yours. It’s also been 20+ years since then so my memory is sketchy.

I’ve always written about my dreams in journals but now I am going to leave them online and blog about them.

I have journals of my own personal dream symbols and what they mean to me. I don’t typically use a dream dictionary simply because that wasn’t the way I was taught to interpret my dreams. So I can’t recommend any unfortunately. Sometimes however I’m lazy, nine times out of ten that’s futile though so I don’t know why I bother.

My culture is a spiritual one, with dreams being an important part of it. They believe in precognition, and they believe that dreams are not just reflections of your subconscious mind, but a realm accessed by all who want to learn about it. Within that realm sit all sorts of weirdly wonderful entities. I’m not terribly interested in that  it I guess I can write about it if you want. They also believe that within that realm sit those we are yet to cross path with. That I guess we are given a heads up providing you know what to look for. They have the belief that we are all connected and those meant for you, those with the greatest of lessons for you to learn, find their way to you And it begins within dreams.

I’m not exactly the teacher type, but whatever I can remember I will share here. Everything I was taught from grounding, to the realm, became instinctive for me so I often find it hard to put the process of controlling your dreams to work.

Ultimately we were also taught that we are all dreamers and it is up to us to continue to add to our knowledge and carve out our own path. I don’t believe there’s one way to go about it or that there is one truth.

I’m a Nihilist so it’s a constant struggle between the rational and the spiritual for me. All I can say is that I am conscious of the fact that I can choose what I want to put meaning towards, and dreams and the lessons they can contain just happen to one of those things.

My cultural beliefs were beautiful, empowering and deeply part of me and the way I choose to see the world. They’re one of the few things I would like to keep, pre-nihilism.

Thats  it. Follow along. Have a crack at interpreting my dreams. Share some of yours.

Charlie xx


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